2021 Sustainability Report

Our goal is to maintain the sustainable success of our company as a global company that creates value for its customers and that is a source of pride for its employees and business partners.

CEO's MessageAs Tofaş, we continued to create economic value by ensuring the continuity of our business, while prioritizing the health of all our stakeholders, especially our employees, and the protection of employment.

Sustainability Approach of TofaşWe conduct our operations with an accountable, transparent, fair, and responsible approach

Cooperation with Stakeholders for Climate ChangeWe regularly communicate with customers to provide information on the efficient use of our products and services.

Sustainable Supply ChainAt Tofaş, we evaluate the sustainability risks of our entire supply chain and operations.

Water ManagementWe are working on various solutions and applications to improve our water use continuously.

Energy and EmissionsWe plan to fulfill our responsibilities in the fight against climate change by reducing our products’ energy and emission intensity every year.

Sustainable MaterialWe carry out our activities within the scope of refusing, reducing, reusing, repurposing, and recycling improvements.

Diversity and InclusionWe provide a safe and healthy work environment, free of discrimination based on principles such as dignity, fairness, respect, and equality.

Corporate Social Responsibility ProjectsWe aim to create social benefits according to principles we adopt within the framework of the importance we attach to equal opportunities in sports and education to the whole society, especially in Bursa.