Sustainability Report

We constantly renew and pioneer the sector with our understanding of transparent, accountable, fair and responsible corporate governance and continuous development oriented work.

2017 Sustainability Report

Governance and Sustainability We manage our corporate governance practices wıth the understanding of implementation of corporate governance principles at every level.

Innovation We consider innovation as an inseparable part of our corporate culture and sustainability management approach.

Message From CEO At Tofaş, we sustained leadership position in production in 2017 following the year 2016 when we made history through records.

Customer Experience We provide excellent customer experience with our products and services which meet customers’ expectations and demands.

We commit to reach sustainable “zero occupational accident” goal persistently by continuously improving occupational health and safety culture.

Thanks to energy efficiency projects we decreased production related emission per vehicle by 11% to 0.358 tons of CO2e.

We provide our employees with a work environment where they can enhance their skills, creativity and potentials; and where they are treated equally and fairly.

All our activities are based on the principles of commitment to the codes of conduct and “zero tolerance” for corruption and bribery.

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